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The Breadcrust is an old wet fly, or attractor nymph, pattern with a few modifications. The dubbing is a modern blend with the slightest amount of light scattering antron. This, coupled with the soft grizzly hen hackle makes for a very effective combination that works well on almost all fresh water game fish. The Breadcrust is a great fly for brookies, panfish, and bass whether fished using a dead drift, swung, or retrieved depending on conditions. Howard Geller, a Midwestern transplant from New York, informed me that this fly is very effective on Eastern river trout especially when the water is high and stained. Tied on a Daiichi 1560, barbed, or a Tiemco 3761SPBL, Super Point barbless, chemically sharpened nymph hook.
  • Price: $2.25 each or $24.30 per dozen.
  • Options: Sizes can be mixed within orders of a dozen flies. Barbed or barbless hooks.
  • Sizes: 10, 12, 14.
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