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Baetis cingulatus

I designed this pattern in 2005 to imitate the very abundant, and widespread, baetis cingulatus, Blue-Winged Olive (commonly know as 'BWO') mayfly which is now re-named as baetis flavistriga. These little guys like good gravel, clean water, and moderate current flows. While this hatch peaks in Mid May thru Mid June (in Michigan) this mayfly is multi-brooded meaning it hatches more than once per year. I always keep a couple of these in my dry-fly box as you never know when or where you will encounter them, or similar mayflies, on the stream. Tied on a Daiichi 1190 barbless, or a Daiichi 1180 barbed, chemically sharpened dry fly hook.

  • Price: $2.25 each or $24.30 per dozen.
  • Size: 20.
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