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Circus Peanut
The Circus Peanut is an articulated fly that was designed by Russ Madden. The Circus Peanut is a great fly to use when you need a streamer that sinks faster and rides deeper than most other patterns. This fly can be very effective on large trout when nothing else seems to be working. As the Circus Peanut is a large and heavy fly, I recommend a 7-weight rod for casting this beast. A slowed and elliptical casting stroke will help keep this fly under control while it is airborne. The Circus Peanut is also a great fly for largemouth Bass and Pike. A black Circus Peanut is also available (photo to follow soon). Tied On Daiichi 1720 (front and rear) chemically sharpened premium streamer hooks.
  • Price: $4.50 each, $48.60 per dozen.
  • Options: Olive or Black. Barbed or de-barbed hooks.
  • Size: 4 and 6 in tandem.
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