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Emily's Olive Nymph

I invented, or rather stumbled across, Emily's Olive Nymph over 20 years ago. This is one of my “go to” flies when I’m perplexed on the stream (which is more often than I’d care to admit!). I’ve taken more stream trout on this fly than any other. Fish take this fly on a dead drift as well as the tail out. The size 12 has mono eyes (either olive or black), the sizes 14 and 16 do not have eyes. Tied on a Daiichi 1560 barbed, or a Tiemco 3761 Super Point barbless, chemically sharpened nymph hook.

  • Price: $2.25 each, or $ 24.30 per dozen.
  • Options: Barbed or barbless hooks. Sizes 14 and 16 can be mixed within orders of a dozen flies.
  • Sizes: 12, 14, 16.
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