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Robert's Drake

The Robert’s Drake, or Robert's Yellow Drake, was designed by Clarence Roberts of Grayling Michigan. This pattern has indeed withstood the test of time. It imitates almost all of the light or cream-colored Mayflies. This fly is very effective when Mayflies are emerging from their nymphal state. As the body is constructed of deer hair this fly is an excellent floater despite its parachute hackle. The Robert’s Drake is a standard for many Northern Michigan guides and fly anglers. If you carry only a few patterns in your dry fly box the Robert's Drake should be among them. Tied on a Daiichi 1190, (or Tiemco 100BL) barbless, or a Daiichi 1180, barbed, chemically sharpened dry fly hook.

  • Price: $2.50 each or $27.00 per dozen.
  • Options: Barbed or barbless hooks. Sizes can be mixed within orders of a dozen flies.
  • Size: 10, 12, 14, 16.
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